4th - 7th grade

This month we will continue to work on Basketball, Badminton, and Table Tennis.  We are reviewing/learning Badminton skills and rules to play matches and tournaments in class.  As Basketball season is taking off, we are also going to work on our Basketball skills and play some scrimmage games.  We will also practice and learn the rules to Table Tennis.

1st - 3rd grade

Our lower school students are learning how to serve and use a Badminton racquet.  We will work on hitting the birdie back and forth with a partner. At the end of the month, we will practice playing using nets.

PI - K5

This month in class, we are:  pattern jumping/hopping, target jumping, spinning, working with scooters, and working on balance.  Pictured below is one of our Primary I class participating in some sensory integration activities.


Katelyn Gunter