We have been working hard in class this year.  This month, our 4th - 6th graders are going to focus on different sports and activities.  Along with Christmas games, we will be focusing on basketball, jumping rope, badminton, and table tennis.  These are good indoor winter sports/activities to keep the students active during these cold winter months.  Our 1st - 3rd graders will work on some of their basketball skills, play Christmas games, jump rope, and work on their serving and hitting skills for Badminton.  Our Pre-K classes will work on their hand/eye coordination by working on a hitting skill. We will take a paddle and balloons and learn how to use the paddle to keep the balloon moving and off the floor.  We will learn how to work with a partner by hitting the balloon back and forth with a partner. This is a good activity to work on team work with the younger ages. Pictured below are some of the older classes working on basketball skills, working with scooters, and jumping rope.  Next month I will post pictures of our students working on their badminton and table tennis skills, and our Pre-K groups working with their paddles and balloons.


Katelyn Gunter