Spring has Sprung!

We began my favorite unit of the year, plant life cycles! I always love this unit and it always lands perfectly at the start of spring. The kids also always love learning about new growth, there is something so mesmerizing about it. We got to start out our unit my placing a bean in a clear ziplock bag with a wet paper towel and each day watch the beans sprout roots, a stem, and some even have leaves now. It is so exciting to see new growth with each passing day, and to be able to watch these plants sprout and grow from our window. We have also taken time each day to journal about the changes that we have observed. This has just been the start of an exciting unit, we can't wait to get back from spring break and learn some more! 

Joy Sandefur
Valentine's Day Science Experiements

To help us celebrate Valentine's Day, we went over to our science lab and preformed an experiment on a popular Valentine's candy, Conversation Hearts. We broke up into groups and each group had 3 cups of liquids, water, vinegar, and soda and a bowl of candy hearts. Before we began, we talked about predications and predicated what we thought would happen whenever we drop the candies into each liquid. One student even pointed out that he thought that the candy would be less dense in the soda because of the bubbles in the liquid. We had a lot of good thoughts going on during our discussion, prior to the experiment. Then, it was time to try it out,  each member in the groups took turns dropping the candies, while the other group members observed what happened when they were dropped in. The kids loved getting to do this experiment! We even left the candies in each liquid for the remainder of the day and we went back at the end of the day and observed what happened to the candies in each liquid. 

Joy Sandefur

We have already had a busy start to the month of February.

We have been preparing for our Grandparents' Day program at school. Our class has worked on learning all 50 states in the United States of America. Not only do we know them all, but we can say them in alphabetical order! We will preform the song "Fifty Nifty United Sates" for all of the grandparents and special friends who attend  our program. Also for our Grandparents' Day, our class made outdoor decorative tree stumps as an item to be auctioned off to help raise money for our school. Each child in the class signed the bottom of a stump and we all worked together to place mosaic tiles on the top. We  were able to discuss the different shapes we used on each stump. 

February is National Children's Dental Health Month, so the tooth fairy, Twinkle paid our class a visit to share the importance of taking care of our teeth. She was so much fun and the children LOVED asking her questions and giving her hugs! She also had a goodie bag with a new tooth brush and other items for each child.

Finally, in chapel this week, my first graders were able to have chapel papers for the first time. Their reading has progressed so much already this year, so they were ready to read along during our chapel service. It was a proud moment for me to look over and see each of them reading along! 

Joy Sandefur
Community Building

We have wrapped up our unit on "Around Our Town" and finished it off with a fun project. Each child chose a place in the community to build with their parents' help. This project really tied in all of our subjects and I think the parents enjoyed building as much as the kids did. Their projects turned out SO awesome and I can't wait to display them for others to see all of our hard work! 

Joy Sandefur
Beginning a New Year

We have already had a busy start to the new year! We were able to wrap up our Christmas Around the World studies before we left for our Christmas break and now we will wrap up our unit by building our community. We are right in the middle of a big project that the kids are working on, each child is building their version of a place in our community. They will be working with their parents to build 3-D models of places around our town and once they are finished, we will design streets through the town and display our community. I will update you when we finish our projects soon, in the mean time, stay warm (and well)!

Joy Sandefur