Beginning a New Year

We have already had a busy start to the new year! We were able to wrap up our Christmas Around the World studies before we left for our Christmas break and now we will wrap up our unit by building our community. We are right in the middle of a big project that the kids are working on, each child is building their version of a place in our community. They will be working with their parents to build 3-D models of places around our town and once they are finished, we will design streets through the town and display our community. I will update you when we finish our projects soon, in the mean time, stay warm (and well)!

Joy Sandefur
Christmas Around the World

This month, we began our study of "Around our World". As we learned about how different each country is, we discovered that each country also celebrates the Christmas holiday differently. Then, each child chose a country to research and present to the class about their Holiday traditions. This has been such a neat way for the children to practice researching and putting a project together with their parents, while also learning from their peers! The students have also gotten the opportunity to see pictures, trinkets and taste foods from these various countries!

Oh what fun!

Joy Sandefur
Leaves are Falling

We have really enjoyed getting to see our trees' leaves change colors and fall to the ground. We decided to go and collect these leaves and see what kind of creations we could make from them. We searched all over our campus to find all different shapes and sizes of leaves to collect and use for our leaf art. I loved seeing how creative the children got in their creations! We have also been enjoying the falling leaves during our recesses. The children have made leaf piles to jump in and also enjoyed tossing leaves in the air to watch them flutter back to the ground. 

Joy Sandefur
Pumpkin Investigation

This week, we have spent our science time studying pumpkins. We began our week by reviewing the lifecycle of a pumpkin. Then we broke into groups and examined our cute little pumpkins. Each group had to estimate how tall, big around, how much their pumpkin weighed, and how many seeds were inside of their pumpkins. After each group discussed and determined their estimations, we gathered materials needed to measure our pumpkins.  We used yarn and linking cubes to measure the circumference and height of the pumpkins. I cut the top off of the pumpkins and the students dug out the seeds and grouped them into 10's to make counting easier. It was a fun and messy experiment!   

Joy Sandefur
Nouns All Around!

Now that we have all adjusted back into the routine of school, we have been enjoying our learning. At St. James, we are so blessed to be able to learn with our hands. This is exactly what we have been doing while learning about parts of speech. While this has been a review of what we learning in Kindergarten, we decided to go a little deeper in understanding exactly what is a noun. So, we went on a noun hunt. We walked all over our beautiful campus and found nouns. We were on the hunt for people, places, and things! It was wonderful to see all of the nouns that the children spotted, we could have spent hours on our noun hunt. After we filled our papers full of nouns, we headed back to our rooms to illustrate our findings!

savannah jarratt