Second grade has started a math unit on measurement. We are learning about customary length, weight, and volume. We are also working with measuring the metric length, weight, and capacity of items. I decided to organize a scavenger scoot game for my students to complete this afternoon. They had a great time completing this assignment.

Sarah Carpenter
Grandparents' Day

Hello all!

Second grade has been busy preparing for our upcoming Grandparents’ Day. We made a birdbath out of clay pots that we painted together. We had the brilliant idea to paint rocks to add in the birdbath for our little friends to enjoy.

We are looking forward to Grandparents’ Day next week! We can’t wait to show our family everything we’ve been busy learning over the past few weeks! We have our landforms on display in the Lower School commons so please feel free to stop by to see them. See you all soon! : )

Sarah Carpenter
Second Grade

The first few weeks of second grade have been fast and furious. We have been busy learning all about our classroom expectations. One of our favorite things about second grade so far is the class hamster Coconut. Having a classroom pet lends itself to integration across all subjects (e.g. "How much does our hamster weigh?" "What adjectives describe our hamster?" "What does our hamster need to survive?"), instills in students a sense of responsibility, and is proven to lessen classroom tension. 

I’ve enjoyed getting to know all of my new students over the past few weeks! I’m looking forward to a wonderful year together.

savannah jarratt