Weekly “Big Chapel” is lead by the Chaplain provided by St. James Church. In chapel, students are invited to celebrate the goodness of life and to discover more about themselves, the world, and God through the worship of Jesus Christ.

Students have many opportunities to participate in and contribute to our corporate worship. They are challenged to stretch and grow in their understanding and to respond to God and his world with love and compassion. Parents other family members are always welcome to attend chapel.

Daily services in the classroom are less formal and arranged by the teacher or several teachers for joint services.  They will vary depending on the grade level and ability of students as to how much leadership and design is provided by students.

Students at St. James come from many religions. While we are unapologetic about proclaiming our faith in God as revealed in Jesus Christ, we honor all persons; invite people from all denominations and creeds to work in and attend our school; strive for justice, peace, and understanding among all people; and respect the dignity of every human being.