January news in P.E.

This month in P.E. we will be studying and playing the sport of Badminton.  Pre schoolers will be using paddles and balloons while 1st -6th graders will be using paddles/racquets and birdies. I like teaching the unit on Badminton because anyone can play this game.  You can purchase a whole set at Wal-Mart or Academy for a very reasonable price.  It can be played inside or outside.  It is a good and fun way to practice hand-eye coordination, focus, teamwork, and you even get some exercise in there too.  Enjoy the pictures of the students of their first week of Badminton!

nicole chatelain
Game time!

We are almost finished with our unit on Basketball.  We have learned rules, how to pass, dribble, and shoot.  But Basketball is more than just a game, it is also a tool that we use to teach: teamwork, communication, cooperation, and perseverance.  These are just a few life skills we teach at St. James to all of our children.  Everyone has Physical Education everyday here and they love it!  Learning can be fun, even if you have struggles.  Some students had some struggles this month with Basketball because of their height, but it made them stronger.  They learned how to use their size to their advantage.  They learned that you don't have to be the one to shoot the ball into the net to score.  It takes teamwork to score points.  

nicole chatelain
Basketball season is here!

If you haven't already picked up your registration form to join TISD Intramural basketball, I have some in my office. I handed some out in class for those students interested. This is for 3rd -6th grade.  Our school will be paired up with Nash to make the teams.  Each grade will have a boys team and a separate girls team.  Practices will be 2 days a week with games on Saturdays.  Once all the forms have been turned in a coach will be assigned to your team.  The coach will then contact you with practice times and location.  I am looking forward to seeing our students play. The cost of this program is only $10!  They will supply you a jersey to wear for the games.  Registrations are due to me by the morning of Thursday, November 16th.  If you have any questions you can call or email me.  

nicole chatelain
P.E. News

For the month of September, we made Flag Football the sport of the month for our 4th - 6th graders.  Everyone enjoyed getting to play.  We learned routes, positions, how to throw and catch, basic rules, and most important, how to work as a team.  The students had so much fun they want to continue to play even after the month is over.  So we are now adding Flag Football into the rotations of games played in P.E. Also pictured below are our Primary I and II class working on their Gross Motor skills and our 1st - 6th graders enjoying a nice game of Bean Bag Toss. Our sport of the month in October is Soccer, I will be posting Pictures of the students playing very soon.  

nicole chatelain
Back to School!

What a great start we have had at St. James! I was so excited to see everyone on that first day of school. I am amazed at how much your children have grown over the Summer break! I hope you enjoy the pictures of your children getting back into the routine of things. I have some new activities planned this year in the area of sports and games. I will be taking lots of pictures and posting them so make sure you stop by and check out my blog from time to time. You may catch your child on here having some fun!

Thanks a bunch for sharing your children with us,
Nicole Chatelain

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