This year has really flown by!  Looking back, we have done a lot in P.E.  We have played Basketball, Flag Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Lacrosse, Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee, and many other games. We also learned how to work with others, how to compromise, and how to be a good competitor.  Lacrosse was a new sport for us this year. It took us a little while to learn how to use our stick to catch and throw. As we practiced new skills for this game, we also learned how to persevere. It took many tries to learn how to catch a ball with a stick, and many more tries to learn how to throw it.  Not only did the students get better as they practiced, they learned how to not give up. Today we got to put all of those skills into action. Pictured below are our Middle School students (4th-7th grade) enjoying a day outside playing Lacrosse.


Susannah Joyce

Happy Spring!  We have been patiently waiting for the weather to cooperate with us so we can get outside for class!  Our 4th-7th graders have been practicing throwing and catching using Lacrosse equipment. This is something new for them to learn about. I introduced the students to the equipment in the Fall, now we are getting ready to learn how to play Lacrosse P.E. style!  I introduced the frisbee to our 2nd and 3rd graders. They are having so much fun learning how to throw and catch the frisbee. With Easter coming up, this would make a great item for those easter baskets! With a little more practice throwing and catching, I am going to teach our 2nd and 3rd graders a game using a frisbee.  And the great thing about this is, it can be played in your own backyard! All you will need is a frisbee and some cones. So be ready parents, your child is going to love this game! Pictured below are some of our students practicing while enjoying the weather outside.


Susannah Joyce

Who doesn’t like Volleyball?  Pictured below are some of our 4th and 5th graders learning how to use their arms to pass a volleyball.  They are learning how to work with their peers, how to problem solve, how to communicate, and how to be cooperative in a group activity.  We will soon learn how to serve the ball, the rules, and how to keep score. Then we will put all of that together in some friendly games. Come back soon to look for some game pictures!


Susannah Joyce

We have returned back to Badminton to work on our team work skills and hand-eye coordination.  The students LOVE Badminton. In pre K we introduce visual tracking: tracking of a moving object, eye-hand coordination and eye-foot coordination.  Two of the tools we use are paddles and balloons. The students start off using a paddle with their own balloon, trying to keep the balloon up in the air.  We progress to hitting back and forth with a partner, practicing taking turns. The next step is introducing the badminton net, practicing hitting it back and forth over the next.  After we learn how to control our paddle and how to push the balloon over the next, they are introduced to playing with a partner. And finally, we are introduced to the birdie in badminton. Pictured below are some of our first graders practicing serving and returning serves while our 4th-7th graders are stepping it up by playing tournaments.  Along with badminton, our 4th-7th graders are also playing small tournaments in table tennis.

Susannah Joyce

We practiced our jump roping skills this week in gym class.  The students are getting pretty good at running in. If you were to break down the skills that it takes to jump rope, you would be amazed!  You have to work with your partner on turning the rope, making sure you stay together. If your turners are not working together, the jumper will not have a lot of success.  The jumper has to time the rhythm of the rope to set his/her tempo for jumping. Learning how to work with others is a life skill. Jump roping is a great tool to help teach that concept.  So we are not only exercising in gym, we are learning life skills.


Susannah Joyce

We are starting the month off with a Fitness Check in P.E.  Each student in the 1st - 7th grade will be tested in 5 areas:  1 minute sit ups, 20-30 second push ups, shuttle run, 5-8 timed laps, and flexibility.  The students are tested 3 times during the school year. Their results are documented so they can see their improvements.  Each student has a different goal, but the main goal is to improve. Wherever you are in your fitness, I want you to improve.  The top 2 scores in each class will be displayed for all to see. There is also a Top Record chart that is displayed in the gym.  Those students that have set a record per each category get to display their name on the record chart. Their name will remain there until someone out scores their record.

After our Fitness Check is complete, we will continue with our Badminton and Table Tennis matches.  Look for pictures coming soon.

Susannah Joyce

4th - 7th grade

This month we will continue to work on Basketball, Badminton, and Table Tennis.  We are reviewing/learning Badminton skills and rules to play matches and tournaments in class.  As Basketball season is taking off, we are also going to work on our Basketball skills and play some scrimmage games.  We will also practice and learn the rules to Table Tennis.

1st - 3rd grade

Our lower school students are learning how to serve and use a Badminton racquet.  We will work on hitting the birdie back and forth with a partner. At the end of the month, we will practice playing using nets.

PI - K5

This month in class, we are:  pattern jumping/hopping, target jumping, spinning, working with scooters, and working on balance.  Pictured below is one of our Primary I class participating in some sensory integration activities.


Katelyn Gunter

We have been working hard in class this year.  This month, our 4th - 6th graders are going to focus on different sports and activities.  Along with Christmas games, we will be focusing on basketball, jumping rope, badminton, and table tennis.  These are good indoor winter sports/activities to keep the students active during these cold winter months.  Our 1st - 3rd graders will work on some of their basketball skills, play Christmas games, jump rope, and work on their serving and hitting skills for Badminton.  Our Pre-K classes will work on their hand/eye coordination by working on a hitting skill. We will take a paddle and balloons and learn how to use the paddle to keep the balloon moving and off the floor.  We will learn how to work with a partner by hitting the balloon back and forth with a partner. This is a good activity to work on team work with the younger ages. Pictured below are some of the older classes working on basketball skills, working with scooters, and jumping rope.  Next month I will post pictures of our students working on their badminton and table tennis skills, and our Pre-K groups working with their paddles and balloons.


Katelyn Gunter

In Middle School this month we are going to focus on a few sports: Basketball, Volleyball, and Lacrosse.  I am very happy with the progress the students have made in these sports. Lacrosse is still new and we are working on our skills.  With more time and practice we will be ready to try a game. Our Basketball skills are really coming along! The students are passing, shooting, dribbling, guarding, and working well with their team.  Just like in sports, people of all types have to learn how to work with others at their jobs. It’s never too early to start teaching life skills. Pictured below are some of our 6th and 7th graders playing a friendly game of Basketball during class.

Katelyn Gunter

This month in PE we are learning about a new sport, Lacrosse.  We are at the moment learning about our stick. We are learning how to catch and how to throw.  After much practice with this skill, we will learn the rules and positions for this sport. We will modify the sport to fit our class.  The students are very excited about getting to learn something new and I am excited for them. We will also continue to play Volleyball and Basketball for this month.  We have focused so much on fundamentals in 4th and 5th grade, we are now starting to play more games with our familiar sports. We have started using an official size volleyball and are learning the overhead serve.  Pictured below are some of the students practicing catching and throwing using their Lacrosse sticks.


Katelyn Gunter

We now have exercise leaders in our 6th and 7th grade P.E. class.  They are responsible for choosing the exercises from a list and leading the class in their warm ups, exercises, and stretches.  Every student will have their chance to be the exercise leader. The students are taking this job seriously and they are doing a great job!  I love seeing these young leaders developing and practicing leadership skills in front of their peers. Pictured below are some of our 6th graders leading their classmates in stretches.


Katelyn Gunter

Welcome back everyone!  We have started the school year off in a fantastic way!  I am excited about all the new students on campus. I have new faces and names to learn, and that is a good thing!  Classes are going great. The students are excited and so am I! We are reviewing classroom rules and procedures, stretches, exercises, and teamwork.  Pictured below are some of our 3 year olds working on their balance, core muscles, throwing, and kicking skills. We spend a lot of time working on gross motor development at an early age.  Be sure to visit our blogs regularly to see what we are doing in class. Thanks for visiting!


Nicole Chatelain

Katelyn Gunter
PE in May

The 2017-2018 school year is coming to a close.  We are getting ready for our end of the year event, Field Day.  3rd - 5th grade came together for an hour today to play a game they all enjoy, Neucom.  This game is new to the 3rd graders.  They got to see and participation in the game at a different level.  Everyone had a great time.  We are going to start Field Day this year with a friendly class on class challenge game of Neucom.  After our friendly competition we will all go outside to begin our Field Day events.  


We have done a lot this year.  Made lots of memories, made friends, learn and practiced team work, and had a lot of fun!  I am going to miss our 6th graders, but I am also excited for those who are staying for 7th grade!  We have some new things we are going to add to our PE program next year.  I am so excited!  You will just have to wait and see what it is. I hope everyone has a fun and safe summer break.  See you in August!!



nicole chatelain
PE in April

Good day!  Welcome to P.E.  This month we are finishing up with our CPR unit for our 4th - 6th graders, learning about Ultimate Frisbee, and finishing our unit on Volleyball.  As many of you have heard, we are extending our school to include 7th and 8th grade.  What that looks like for P.E. is that we are going to learn and play more sports!  We have focused on skills for different sports for several years now, our preteens and teenagers are ready for more game time.  I am so excited for next year.  We will play: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Martial Arts, and hopefully we will be adding Lacrosse.  We will also do cooperation games that are in our curriculum.  

Pictured below are our students playing Ultimate Frisbee and practicing on their CPR skills.


nicole chatelain
CPR and 1st Aid

Hello March!  This month we will be focusing on CPR and 1st Aid for our 4th - 6th graders.  They will learn just the basics.  They will also learn about Volleyball.  We are learning how to pass, hit, and set the ball.  We will start serving after Spring Break then we will be ready to play some games.  Being involved with sports can be a very good thing.  You learn how to trust and work with your teammates.  Like any group activity, good communication will lead to good results.

Pre School are working on kicking, catching, and throwing this month.  These concepts aid the brain in processing thought and organizing thoughts in sequence.  This is part of our Visual Tracking unit in our Action Based Learning Labs.  



nicole chatelain
P.E. News

We have finished our unit on Badminton and starting a new unit on Volleyball.  Our 4th, 5th and 6th graders are also going to start their unit on CPR and First-Aid.  We will learn and practice basic first-aid and practice chest compressions on our manikins.  They will learn what steps to take in an emergency and how to help others in need of care.  

Pictured below are some Badminton tournament pictures and the winners in our 4th, 5th and 6th grade classes.  The students did a great job in their games.  Not only did they learn how to play, they also learn how to be humble when they win and also how to accept losing with good sportsmanship. 


nicole chatelain
February P.E. News

We are ending our unit on Badminton with a tournament for our 4th - 6th graders.  This is a great way to put everything together that has been learned about the sport.  I am very pleased with the skill level the students have achieved in Badminton.  I have seen cooperation, team work and communication along with great serves and rallies.  We will be starting our unit on Volleyball this month along with starting our CPR and First Aid unit for our 4th - 6th graders.  I will post pictures of our Badminton winners when our tournament is complete.  Visit back soon for great pictures of our students in action in their tournament.

nicole chatelain
Badminton in January

Badminton is coming to an end this month.  We are going to end the sport of the month with a badminton tournament for our 4th - 6th graders.  They have had plenty of practice with serving and rallying, now it is time to put it all together.  They have learned how to keep score and how to rotate when playing with partners.  I like ending the unit with a small tournament because it puts together all the pieces that we have learned.  Not just serving, hitting, keeping up with the scores, but also teamwork, using strategies, and problem solving.  The concepts we learn can also be applied to life, not just sports.  These are life skill that everyone needs to practice.  We are also doing our fitness checks this month.  1st - 6th graders will be tested on their: sit ups, push ups, shuttle run, and timed on 5-8 laps running.  We are looking to improve from our last test which was in October.  The students are tested 3 times during the school year so they can chart their improvements.  

Pre-K and Kindergarten have learned how to turn and jump a long jump rope.  Kindergarten will be demonstrating their talents with the jump rope at Grandparent's Day in February.  I am very proud of our Pre-K and Kindergarten classes, they are working hard and having fun learning how to jump.  The get so excited when they jump past their highest number. 

nicole chatelain
January news in P.E.

This month in P.E. we will be studying and playing the sport of Badminton.  Pre schoolers will be using paddles and balloons while 1st -6th graders will be using paddles/racquets and birdies. I like teaching the unit on Badminton because anyone can play this game.  You can purchase a whole set at Wal-Mart or Academy for a very reasonable price.  It can be played inside or outside.  It is a good and fun way to practice hand-eye coordination, focus, teamwork, and you even get some exercise in there too.  Enjoy the pictures of the students of their first week of Badminton!

nicole chatelain
Game time!

We are almost finished with our unit on Basketball.  We have learned rules, how to pass, dribble, and shoot.  But Basketball is more than just a game, it is also a tool that we use to teach: teamwork, communication, cooperation, and perseverance.  These are just a few life skills we teach at St. James to all of our children.  Everyone has Physical Education everyday here and they love it!  Learning can be fun, even if you have struggles.  Some students had some struggles this month with Basketball because of their height, but it made them stronger.  They learned how to use their size to their advantage.  They learned that you don't have to be the one to shoot the ball into the net to score.  It takes teamwork to score points.  

nicole chatelain