There is an old wives’ tale that suggests sleeping with your pajamas inside out and placing a spoon under your pillow will increase the chances of snow. However, in Texas I don’t think you can trust any wives’ tale regarding the weather. We can’t even trust the weatherman or even the most accurate forecast for winter weather because there is always a warm and muggy day around the corner here in Texas. Regardless, we are keeping our fingers crossed for snow this winter as we create beautiful winter landscapes in the art classroom.

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade used the book and song “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” to inspire their amazing winter landscapes.


Third grade will be diving into winter-inspired art this coming Thursday. They just finished a lesson on abstract art and created a lollipop flower landscape inspired by Hundertwasser. He was an amazing artist known for his love of nature and abstract art he created using concentric circles, spirals and bright colors.


Fourth and Fifth grades are learning how to create mixed media art by applying more than one art technique in their processes. They successfully used drawing, watercolor and acrylic painting, and collage in their Winter Birch Landscapes.


Sixth and Seventh grades have explored Chinese traditions in their art making and created a dragon with oil pastels and watercolor paint. The Seventh grade added a collage aspect in collaboration with their percent studies in mathematics. Both grades will start making some more seasonal art next week!

Katelyn Gunter