As an educator, one of my main goals is to encourage students to see things differently and understand that there are different ways of doing things. As an ART educator, my goal is to provide students opportunities to explore, break down, and create what they see, whether it’s in their sight or in their imagination. And oftentimes art can be far from anything we truly see but still accurately represent something or express a feeling. Landscapes can tell stories of time, place, and express feelings as well.

First, second, and third grade are creating fall tree landscapes with collage method. Using the fall colors to inspire what they painted on paper, they then assembled them on a background to create a landscape.


Fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh grades have explored sugar skulls, a line study of fall leaves, and abstract art. Some students have been extra busy outside of class working on the DAR contest. This year the theme is “The 50th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing-America’s Great Move Forward in Exploration and Technology. The contest entries are so impressive and truly out of this world. I was beyond proud and excited to turn them in.


Just in case you were wondering and didn’t know, our #whatliftsyou wings are up and ready for you to participate in our interactive mural! They are currently located in the innovation room of the middle school building and will soon make their public debut at the Veteran’s Day Chapel. Take your picture in front of the wings and if you post it, don’t forget to tag #stjdstxk and #whatliftsyou

Katelyn Gunter