I am So, so, So excited to be back in the classroom for the sake of the art making! Although I have big ideas and too many plans already, I’m going to try so very hard to take things nice and slow as we ease into the new year...however, I already caught myself talking way too fast today because I wanted to squeeze so much in! There is just never enough time for making art, if you know what I mean. In my attempt to take things slow, we are starting the new year with sketch books to practice each art making tool before we take it to the surface of our final draft. These fabulous sketch books didn’t fall from the sky though. Each student has been given the tools and materials to create their own sketchbook for the spring semester and the satisfaction of creating your very own sketchbook gets me all kinds of excited with each and every class! I hope you hear about our sketchbook lessons and trials. And, I hope you enjoy seeing the tools and techniques your student has explored and made progress with in my classroom when they eventually bring the sketchbook home.

Katelyn Gunter