The Kindergarten class is mastering the alphabet, numbers, and words with one to two syllables.  They have fun drawing their favorite animals or sketches. The First, Second, and Third graders are reviewing past and new vocabulary, sight words, and numbers. They are writing short sentences using the sight words. The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh graders are working on when to use one of two Spanish verbs that translate to TO BE. Spanish has two different verbs for the English verb TO BE, namely SER and ESTAR.  Sometimes Spanish also uses the verb TENER to denote TO BE.  Students often find translating the verb TO BE confusing because a direct translation with all its meanings does not exist with just one Spanish equivalent verb.  But once students learn the differences between SER, ESTAR, and TENER, they are on their way to learning some of the most difficult aspects of mastering Spanish: learning the verbs. 

Susannah Joyce