6th and 7th Grades

The sixth and seventh graders’ Spanish-mini projects were marvelous. Unlike the fourth and fifth graders, the sixth and seventh graders were allowed to use computer applications, such as PowerPoint, to present their research. However, some students decided to present their research on a white poster. Both the presentations and the content of the projects were excellent.  The students had fun with it, but, most importantly, they did a great job talking about what they learned from conducting research on a Spanish-speaking country.

The sixth and seventh graders learned not only about the geography of the country they studied, but they were able to identify their country on a map.  They were also able to formulate research questions and answer them.

After the students presented their work to their classmates, I asked them some questions, such as what aspect of conducting your research did you like best and why? I was impressed with their thoughtful answers.

Wonderful job Sixth and Seventh graders!

Susannah Joyce