Sixth grade students were issued the challenge of researching an ancient Egyptian pyramid and calculating its surface area. They had to create a two-dimensional net to represent the actual measurements, and then they made a three-dimensional model pyramid out of upcycled materials. Students created a variety of paper and digital presentations to share their findings.

“I enjoyed math because we were doing the pyramids. Making the pyramids was fun. Finding the area of the pyramid was sort of fun.” ~Hannah

“I loved math it was so much fun. What we did was: we were in groups and I was with my friend Annabelle and we built different pyramids. Mine was the Bent Pyramid; it was so much fun building the pyramid and a little bit of the slideshow.” ~Ella


“I liked when we built our pyramids. It was fun, and people made really creative pyramids. It was fun making ‘JeffaMid’ and I want to do something like this again.” ~Alex

“I liked doing the thing in math with the pyramid. It was fun building our own pyramid. Also, the finding the surface area wasn't that hard.” ~Kennley


“My favorite learn activity was finding the surface area. I had some fails and disappointments, but I got thru it!” ~Aimee

“My favorite learning activity from this week was the pyramid project. It was a little challenging but it was worth it in the end. I loved this project it was so much fun.” ~Abbie



The Egyptian Fair is rapidly approaching, and sixth graders are working hard on developing their chosen professions. What fun they are having, too-- experiential learning always yields more interest and effort! We will feature a range of businesses from a baker to a laundress to an engineer, with a variety of professions in between. Not only have students researched their profession to write a paragraph explaining their role in society, but they have also created a few documents advertising their business and products. This week, as they have finished most of their requirements, students have enjoyed a small art project-- crafting Egyptian cartouches with hieroglyphics for their names. The Egyptian Fair will be set up as a perimeter around our grand masterpiece pyramid, envisioned by Kennley and constructed by her with Ms. Denise’s keen eye. Please visit the Egyptian Fair November 1-2.


Katelyn Gunter