In our year-long study of ancient civilizations, 6th grade has ventured from Mesopotamia to Ancient Egypt. We have learned the importance of geography and natural resources, especially the Nile River, to the growth of Egyptian civilization. After completing a geography webquest with interactive maps, we learned about Egyptian social structure and religion. Following group summaries of various aspects of Egyptian religion, Mrs. Jordan and Mrs. Kirkland treated us to a virtual reality tour of Egyptian pyramids via Google expeditions. That was definitely our favorite activity, cites H.B. and B.B.

We have been time traveling between 1500 B.C. Egypt and 1919 America, as we also write essays about women’s suffrage for the annual Daughters of the American Revolution essay contest. We are putting ourselves in the shoes of a character living through the passage of the 19th amendment and its impact on America. It’s difficult to imagine that 100 years ago, women couldn’t vote in America, at least not in national elections.



Who Dunnit?

Sixth grade had a great mystery to solve, a real-live CLUE investigation was set before them, complete with unknown white powders, clear liquids, metals, fibers, hair samples, and fingerprints. They had to research and apply chemical and physical properties of matter to identify nearly two dozen compounds. Then they used this information to synthesize a logical account of who commited the crime. After much deliberation and thorough analysis, they found Mr. Green guilty!

“I liked the "Clue" game where we got to find the out who was the murderer. The powders were a little hard to find out what they were. The liquids were also a little hard.” ~Kennley

“My favorite learning activity was science when we did the clue game. I learned some stuff about different chemicals. It was really fun and I can’t wait to do it again.” ~Alex

“I liked science the most because it was just plain out fun. I also liked it because it was very challenging. It was also neat that Mr. Green (now known as convict 18402) was going to be the bad guy.” ~Charlie

“My favorite learning activity was in science. I enjoyed when we had to figure out what were the mysterious liquids and powders were. I learned how to take clues, put them together, and find the answer.” ~Elle


Katelyn Gunter