Learning together, playing together, and serving together.

By: Marie Goodwin 5th & 6th Math and Science Teacher

The fifth grade has been busy! We are in our 4th week of school and they are already in a great routine. Not only have they been learning about Latin derivatives, decimal places, and moon phases, but they have been serving each other and our school!

On Tuesday mornings, come rain or come shine, the students have been going to the preschool building and helping the younger students get across the road safely, and on time. I’m not sure who enjoys it more, the little kids, our 5th graders, or the teachers. I have been so proud of how sweet they have been. Our students have also been giving up their own play time to help clean tables after the younger kids are done eating, and helping Mrs. Denise and Mrs. Darlene with the chairs in the cafeteria. Our students are kind, thoughtful, and rarely complain, it’s truly refreshing.

In math class, we have been learning about decimals and exponential notation. We used our knowledge of decimals in a Jeopardy game. In science, we have been watching the moon phases, making Play Doh replicas of the earth and moon to demonstrate relative size, while learning about earth’s atmosphere, and the sun.

We had several 5th graders join the Science Olympiad group, and we are so excited to see where they shine.

In our down time, the kids have enjoyed some great games, including a Pictionary type group game with the 6th graders.

We are off to a great start in 5th grade!

Marie Goodwin