Scavenger Hunts, History, and Latin

by Jennifer Jordan, History and Latin teacher

We have started the year off strong in 5th grade History and Latin. Not only did the class participate in two scavenger hunts—one to learn how our classroom functions and one to identify Latin around the campus— but they also began to think about what periods of American History in which they may be interested. Fifth grade has just started its Latin journey-- simple vocabulary in the first chapter, learning the first verb conjugation-- incidentally, this is one of the conjugations that 8th grade has been using this week to translate a story in Latin I. You see, the study of Latin is a continuum. In 5th grade, we build a foundation of the essentials-- verb conjugations and noun declensions-- that are strengthened with consistent practice and layered with more complex grammar structures in the older grades. Fifth grade studied and applied the present tense verb conjugation like champs! They are doing wonderfully! The students are also being fully inundated with Latin, for not a period in any middle school class goes by that students do not speak at least half a dozen derivatives from Latin (percentage, fraction, ratio, lunar, science, novel, literature-- all from Latin). This only underscores the value of this incredible language. I am privileged to teach St. James students, and am excited to watch the connections grow in the 5th grade!

Please look at our photos of 5th grade throughout the first week.

Jennifer Jordan