As an art educator, it is my job to equip my students with the knowledge and skills to problem solve, invent and create. Although I can teach the elements and principles of art and provide opportunities for students to apply them, I cannot teach creativity. Creativity is personal and unique. Creativity is the individual extension of what is learned to a new idea. Sometimes these creative moments are intentional and sometimes they are happy accidents. I absolutely LOVE getting to witness both! One of my favorite things about teaching art is that no matter the lesson and no matter how specific I might be in instruction, each artwork is one of a kind. Each student has a different understanding and perception of the world around them and when these play out in their artwork, it is out of this world. It’s as if we are all reaching for the stars, but with a different star in mind or different way of reaching or coming upon one as a happy accident. The collaboration of art and science has been quite exciting and I hope you all come to enjoy it at the Science Fair!


Susannah Joyce