If I said we’ve been clowning around in the art classroom, I’d be lying. I take art making and the learning process very seriously...although it’s always super fun in my book and silliness is my 2nd nature. The truth is, art is priceless. Theses pieces of art created by each of my students, each a treasure in it’s own special way. Not each piece is a guaranteed masterpiece, but I remind them as often as possible that perfection is NEVER our goal and that mistakes can add magic to our art. First and Second grade have been working on clowns with our new neon paints and oil pastels. Although some of these clowns are as silly as their artist, our inspiration is the joy found in art. Not too long ago, I was approached by a student’s parent regarding the artwork of her St. James alum. She mentioned how her two older children had created portraits of a clown during their 1st grade year at St. James and how she hoped for another from her current 1st grader. Well of course I’m going to grant that wish of joyful art!!! Art is a documentation of time, an expression of feeling and personality and for these young artists it is an expression of growth, creativity and moments in their life that will never be so young and innocent as they were then and such fruitful gifts are these works of art, the child and the artwork.

In collaboration with what the older students are learning in science, 5th-7th grades have been reaching beyond the stars in their solar system artwork. They are far out! We are juggling more than planets though as we continue in our learning of different art making processes as well as creating our doodle for google entries which are due March 18!

Susannah Joyce