end of year

Wow! What a year!


Every May, I look up and find it hard to believe the school year is already over.  It's amazing to think back on all the fun learning experiences we've had!


This year my third graders have gotten lost in the magic of reading and discovered that a good book can take you to any time or place!


As we've constructed sentences to inform, entertain, and persuade our readers, we've learned about the power of our words.  


We've traveled through history, learning about the people who've shaped the world as we know it today.


We unplugged and got our hands dirty, learning how things work and discovering for ourselves the principles of science.  


Plugging back in was fun too as we built robots and coded them to perform tasks as unlimited as our imaginations.


Finding patterns in our world allowed us to discover mathematic concepts authentically while we built solid foundation for future learning.


Above all else, we worked together to discover, practice, and create.  We strengthened our interpersonal skills through authentic problem solving while cultivating empathy and selflessness.


In these pictures you can certainly tell they have physically grown.  With another year of whole-child education they've been enlightened, strengthened, and refined--body, mind, and soul.


Julianna Bowen