Last week we used snowflakes to integrate our math and language lessons!  The students wrote an informative paper to describe what we did so I will let their words do the explaining!


"Brr!  It's very cold outside, but the only snowflakes we've seen are in our classroom.  We made paper snowflakes and used them to learn new things.

Making the snowflakes required us to listen carefully and follow the directions exactly.  Then we used creativity to make a unique design.

Then in our math groups we used the snowflakes to find polygons and angles.  My snowflake design had quadrilaterals and triangles.  Then we looked for angles.  My design most had obtuse and acute angles.

Later in language we made a big list of adjectives that described our snowflakes.  My snowflake is blue, paper, and pretty.

Our snowflakes were a fun way to learn.  Maybe it will snow outside and we can have fun with real snowflakes!"


Just a few days later our beautiful campus was covered with a blanket of snow.  After an unexpected day out of school, we came back and made "indoor snow" and sipped cocoa while we designed marketing plans for our own hot chocolate stands!

Julianna Bowen