Reading Challenges

We’re back to school and getting into the swing of our routine. The Lower School students and teachers are excited about their new book reading challenge. First, second, and third grade classes are competing to see who can read the most books in the grading period. In order for a book to count toward the challenge, it must be an appropriate reading level for the student and read in addition to the child’s regular coursework. Upon completing the book, students fill out a book review and turn it into their teacher. The teachers then provide the student with a paper book cutout to decorate for the bulletin board in the Lower School common area. The strings are filling up quickly as students are eager to win the competition for their class. In addition to the class winners, the top three individuals will get to go on an afternoon date with the Lower School teachers. We are excited about all the extra reading we are seeing in our building. The kids are gaining fluency and stamina while exposing themselves to new vocabulary and content that will boost comprehension skills and general knowledge. We are thrilled about their enthusiasm!

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savannah jarratt