"Participate in the Hour of Code™ with SJDS December 3-9, 2018

The SJDS Computer Science Program began in 1986 when Dee Miller introduced Logo Writer to St. James Day School. At St. James, computer science, coding, and robotics begin with students in Pre-Kindergarten and includes all students up to the 7th grade. Each grade level attends two computer science classes a week from the first day of school until the day of dismissal.

This year we will participate in the 'Hour of Code™' December 3-9, 2018 by inviting our parents and special friends to our campus wide event. More detail about the event will be coming soon!

“The 'Hour of Code™' is a nationwide initiative by Computer Science Education Week and Code.org to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming.”

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Shannon Kirkland