Seventh grade is completing its study of feudal Japan this week and preparing for a unit test. Having studied the European feudal system in 6th grade, the students have grasped the hierarchy well. Our study has also included learning about the fascinating samurais, whose bravery captured the boys’ attention. This week, they read about the changes to Japanese society as Japan resisted, then welcomed, and then again resisted foreigners. The students created a short summary of the chapter on the board, which they then transferred onto a Google document for studying. Summarizing is an excellent tool to show how well you understand a concept. To review their knowledge in a different format, students finished the class with a Kahoot game-- always a fun way to test yourself!


Science Olympiad

Our middle school Science Olympiad team traveled to Ruston, Louisiana, to compete in their first invitational tournament. According to www.soinc.org, “Founded in 1984, Science Olympiad is one of the premier science competitions in the nation, providing rigorous, standards-based challenges to nearly 8,000 teams in all 50 states.” Our students rose to the challenge and brought home a 2nd place overall team trophy. We also had 7 first place finishes, 13 second place events, and 3 who come in third. The 23 events span all aspects of science, technology and engineering. Great job, team!

1st Place Events:

Disease Detectives (Chris & Molly)

Dynamic Planet (Chris & Nick)

Fossils (Jonah & Ayres)

Potions & Poisons (Molly & Elle)

Thermodynamics (Nick & Annabelle)

Water Quality (Dawson & Kennley)

Write It Do It (Annabelle & Molly)

2nd Place Events:

Anatomy & Physiology (Emma & Charlie)

Battery Buggy (Charlie)

Crime Busters (Dawson & Kennley)

Density Lab (Staten & Jonah)

Elastic Launched Glider (Dawson & Nick)

Experimental Design (Elle & Annabelle)

Game On (Chris & Elle)

Herpetology (Chris & Ayres)

Meteorology (Jon & Staten)

Mystery Architecture (Kennley & Emma)

Road Scholar (Ayres & Jonah)

Roller Coaster (Nick & Emma)

Solar System (Dawson & Jon)
3rd Place Events:

Boomilever (Staten & Jon)

Circuit Lab (Charlie & Jon)

Heredity (Dawson & Charlie)

Susannah Joyce