Our first week at school was full of firsts! This was my first year teaching at St. James Day School, and it was the school’s first time in recent history to have a 7th Grade class. We spent the week getting to know one another and getting accustomed to the new routine of changing classes - another first for many students. We filled the week with fun learning experiences such as BreakoutEDU and the Marshmallow Challenge, while practicing the Four C’s of 21st Century learning: Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, and Creativity. It was a wonderful way to start the year! - Mrs. Ayers

Here are some insights from our 7th Grade class in Math and Science

My favorite thing was the BreakoutEDU after lunch. We also started science and learned about Science Olympiad. In Leadership class we discussed what it means to be a Spartan. Overall the first week at St James Day School was an amazing experience.


My first week was extraordinary with three people. I enjoy math and science with Mrs. Ayers because she is a fun teacher. Mrs. Jordan’s class is awesome because I like reading.


The new 7th Grade is already fun. It is more relaxed than any other year, even PreK where you get naps. I feel that we are enjoying the few minutes between classes, since we now get to switch classes.


7th Grade Language Arts, History, and Latin:

This year, blog posts will be written by students so that they can reflect on their learning. Please read on from D.Y.:

This week we made lightbulbs about we will create, do, and think, and then we stuffed them. Mrs. Jordan is going to hang up the lightbulbs. Also, every day we start by reading for 10 minutes and we really like this. On Friday we wrote letters about Code Talker, the book we read over the summer. It was about the Navajo Marines and how they helped us win World War II by being code talkers and using the Navajo language to send messages.

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Katelyn Gunter