Springtime Fun!


The weather has been beautiful this week! It has been the perfect time to plants seeds for our science unit. The students will get to nurture, observe, and enjoy the plant growing process. The class was so excited to get their hands in the soil and plant their seeds. I put the students into groups. They took turns putting soil in their cup, making room for the seed and watering the plants once we had finished. I cannot wait to see their faces in the plant start to sprout! This activity not only teaches about the plant life cycle, but it teaches the students to be responsible and how to take care of something.


It has been so gorgeous outside that we even ventured outside during language arts to do a little reading. The students read our assigned stories in pairs in the amphitheater. Everyone enjoyed the fresh air and the beauty of our campus. In fact, the students enjoyed it so much, we did it again after music! This time they chose a book from our class library to take with them outside.


Happy Spring!


Claire Gordon