We have been covering air and weather in science and to wrap up our unit we been discussing the moon. After discussion about how the moon moves around the earth and the earth and moon move around the sun, we began to talk about the moon phases. Moon phases can be a bit complicated for first grade. To help illustrate what we had been studying, the class used Oreos to make the moon phases. This was such a fun lesson! Not only did it  reinforce moon phases and the earth’s position to the sun, it also illustrates how that affects the moon. The kids really had to work hard to make sure their moon was in the correct position; either waxing or waning or if the half moon was facing the sun or facing earth. They had to listen very closely and had to pay close attention to what I was demonstrating. Although I think they enjoyed building and creating the moon phases, eating the moons when we were finished was by far the favorite part!

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For Valentine’s Day the children decorated their bags a little differently. To help encourage spreading love and kindness to others, the children took turns writing compliments on one another’s bags. Before I let them begin writing the complements we had a mini lesson on being specific, intentional, and positive. I really encouraged the children to think of comments for their friends that would lift them up and show love. This is a tradition I will keep for Valentine’s Day, as there’s no better way to celebrate the day of love than to give your classmates an uplifting messages to take with them.

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Susannah Joyce