A Farewell to our Ladybug Friends!

Our first grade class has loved watching our ladybug larvas change into pupas and then into adult ladybugs over these last couple of weeks. No one in our class had ever experienced the lifecycle of a ladybug, so everyone was in awe of each change that our little insects went through. Once the ladybugs hatched from their pupa stage, it was time to feed them as they prepared to be released into nature. This was another neat part, we were able to observe the color changes that they went through. When they first came out, they were pale with not much color and by the time we released them they had a rich color on their back with their signature spots. The day we released them was bittersweet, we were so proud to see our little ladybugs take flight into nature, but we were also sad to see them go. Of course, we did have to pray for them before they took off! 

Joy Sandefur