Valentine's Day Science Experiements

To help us celebrate Valentine's Day, we went over to our science lab and preformed an experiment on a popular Valentine's candy, Conversation Hearts. We broke up into groups and each group had 3 cups of liquids, water, vinegar, and soda and a bowl of candy hearts. Before we began, we talked about predications and predicated what we thought would happen whenever we drop the candies into each liquid. One student even pointed out that he thought that the candy would be less dense in the soda because of the bubbles in the liquid. We had a lot of good thoughts going on during our discussion, prior to the experiment. Then, it was time to try it out,  each member in the groups took turns dropping the candies, while the other group members observed what happened when they were dropped in. The kids loved getting to do this experiment! We even left the candies in each liquid for the remainder of the day and we went back at the end of the day and observed what happened to the candies in each liquid. 

Joy Sandefur