Back to School

Welcome back! We have just begun a new year here at St. James Day School. There is a lot of excitement going on in our first grade classroom! We started our school year in a memorable way, with a solar eclipse. Luckily, our head of school ordered eclipse glasses for our whole school. We also made and decorated paper plates to put the glasses through for extra protection. This was such a neat way to start our year and we also got to enjoy a popsicle after it was over! Our class has also really enjoyed getting to be in the lower school building this year. I think our class' favorite room in the building is the science lab. We get to go in there and get our hands a little dirty! Our first unit that we are studying is matter. We have done a few neat experiments to teach us a little more about matter. We got to read the Dr. Seuss book "Bartholomew and the Oobleck" and make some of our very own oobleck, which changes from a solid to a liquid right before our eyes. Then we also did a neat experiment where we took baking soda, a solid and mixed it with with vinegar, a liquid to create a gas that blew up a balloon. It was so interesting that we did it three times! I know that our class is looking forward to more time spent in our science lab learning this year!

savannah jarratt