Roman Carnival

To cap off our year of studying Latin, middle school students hosted our annual Roman carnival. Fifth and sixth graders chose Roman deities to represent, researched them, and completed mini projects about their characters. Students were grouped by common traits of the deities, or by family members, and were then tasked to create a game based off their gods' skills. With the  help of fourth grade assistants, students set up game booths and entertained the rest of campus. We had everything from Jupiter and Juno's "Knock Down" to Vesta and Ceres' bread toss, Mars, Mercury, Janus, and Hercules' obstacle course to Minerva and Fortuna's "Test your Knowledge", Apollo and Faunus' musical chairs to Venus, Flora, and Cupid's hair and beauty salon plus many more gods and games. Samson, Mrs. Joyce's gentle dog, helped guard the underworld. We hope that the lower school and preschool students had as much fun as the middle schoolers did!  What a great way to end standardized testing week!

Jennifer Jordan