A HUGE thanks to all the parents and students for such a loving and warm welcome to the St. James family! The primary goal in the Art room at this time is to get to know one another and fully understand the rules and procedures of the Visual Art classroom. However, that hasn’t stopped us from getting a move on making art! Each student has been given a portfolio to keep up with their work for the year and they have been given the opportunity to add their personal touch to it (just ask them about their fine, one of a kind, designer portfolio ;).

We’ve already started our study on one of the most important elements of art, LINE. The elementary students are exploring how various lines can be used and have applied them in creating a colorful piece of abstract art. The middle school students have also explored the various lines that can be used in making art. In their first assignment, they were challenged to create a maze that fills the entire space on their paper by using ONE continuous line. I had to honestly admit that I, their very own art teacher, couldn’t fill the entire space with one continuous line...more like 3 or 4 continuous lines. To my amazement, at least 5 students completed the challenge with ONE continuous line! AMAZING! I have no doubt that the talent and creativity of these students will flourish this year.


Katelyn Gunter