Deal or No Deal?

Sixth grade had to make some quick decisions with our “Deal or No Deal” game on Kahoot! Given the original price and a new deal, they had to determine which was the better purchase. They raced against the clock--and each other--to find the best buy.


Prior to the Christmas break, 6th grade began its informational writing unit with a familiar text structure, compare and contrast (they did this with Christmas celebrations of different countries). This week, we continued our unit with the sequence text structure. After reading a short essay and answering questions about the essay’s structure, students chose one of three prompts to draft a short sequence essay. Needless to say, the most popular prompt was how to teach an older relative to play a new video game. I think I know how to play Fortnite now!

Writing these type of essays requires students to use a variety of skills-- planning, organization, and review-- and manage all components of an essay-- topic sentence, a hook, clear presentation of ideas, concluding sentence, and proper writing conventions of spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Balancing all of these elements is not an easy task, but our 6th graders do it well.

Katelyn Gunter