Our annual 6th grade Medieval Fair was held last Friday. The fair is the culmination of a 6 week unit of study on medieval Europe. We studied medieval society and then wrote narrative journals from the perspective of a noble, a knight, a member of the clergy (monk, nun, friar), a merchant, and a peasant or serf. We also researched how plants and herbs were used in the middle ages. Everyone researched their family coat of arms and painted their own, as well as studied many types of weapons and elements of medieval battle. We even did an awesome probability activity on how the Black Plague spread through the villages and towns of medieval Europe. 

We used elements from each of our learning activities in planning activities for our fair. One booth displayed our coat of arms, had several types of medieval weapons to look at, and gave away crowns to all the kids. Other booths displayed our plant research and our medieval journals. There was a Black Plague Clinic, where the kids drew a rock out of a bag to find out if they were "healthy" or had been "infected" with the plague...and all received a treat to help them feel better or stay healthy! The Medieval Cafe offered several snacks that had ingredients from our plant study - lavender lemonade, ginger snaps, lavender bread, licorice, peppermints, and more - it was a huge hit!

The other kids seriously enjoyed jousting, shooting the catapult, and having their pictures made while captured in the stocks. The 6th graders did an amazing job of showing the little ones around and helping them enjoy the fair. 

Hear ye, hear ye...the 6th grade Medieval Fair was a royal success!!

Susannah Joyce