Reading is a significant element in 6th grade at St. James. We're currently reading Gary Paulson's Lawn Boy.  It's a story about a 12-year-old boy who begins mowing lawns for extra money, and ends up creating a diversified and quite successful business. Not only is it an enjoyable read, it is also a wonderful tool for studying business, economics, and the stock market. 

We read novels as a class, as well as independently read other fiction and non-fiction books. As a class, we have read Tuck Everlasting, Hatchet, and a modern adaptation of Ben Hur, in addition to Lawn Boy. We've read several of O.Henry's short stories, including "Gift of the Magi", "The Last Leaf", and "Spring a la Carte". A favorite genre of my class was Greek and Roman myths, and we're looking forward to reading and writing some excellent poetry in April.

We love reading in 6th grade!

Susannah Joyce