Sixth grade is reading “The Gift of the Magi”, the classic Christmas story, this week. It has a heartwarming theme that anyone can appreciate. As the story is written in the early 20th century, the vocabulary tends to be rich with figurative language, but somewhat difficult for 21st century twelve year olds. The students are studying the vocabulary and learning the appropriate meanings in context. After defining the words and writing sentences with them, the students played charades to grasp a better understanding of the words, which also adds a fun element to the learning. Approaching context in a different way leads to gains in comprehension!



Baby It’s Cold Outside

It may be cold outside, but things are heating up in 6th grade science! We are studying thermodynamics and properties of heat transfer. We started by formulating hypotheses and debating which type of cup was best for drinking hot cocoa. Of course, we had to test this!

Students were then issued the challenge of creating a device to keep a beaker of hot water warm for 25 minutes. We are currently in the building and improving stages of the design process. Things are getting messy, but isn’t that how great learning should be?

“I liked talking about the new science stuff that we are doing. I am really excited to start it and research the stuff for it with my partner. I am really looking forward to building it too!” ~Annabelle

“The hot chocolate was really fun!” ~Bramlett

“I think that math was a lot of fun; plus we got hot chocolate. It was so much fun, and I loved learning about ratios. I would like to thank Mrs. Ayers for a great week and for the yummy hot chocolate.” ~Ella

“My most memorable learning experience this week was learning about heat and how it moves around. I learned this in Science!” ~Aimee

“I liked making the hot chocolate. It was really good and fun. I want to keep doing more things where we make stuff.” ~Alex

Katelyn Gunter