The sixth grade held its annual Egyptian Fair recently. The fair is the culmination of our Ancient Civilizations unit on ancient Egypt. We studied this ancient culture in many subject areas. We researched and wrote in Language Arts, including the study of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. One of Egypt's most well-known rituals was mummification. We mummified apples in Science, hypothesizing on which combination of various salts mummified the best. We studied ancient artifacts, such as the pyramids, and learned in Math how skilled the ancient Egyptians were in this subject area. 

For our Egyptian Fair, each student chose an ancient Egyptian occupation or profession. The students researched and wrote paragraphs about their occupations of choice. Then each student was asked to come up with a business regarding their profession. They had to create a business name, a slogan, a logo, and business cards. Each student wrote a persuasive paragraph about their business and constructed a tri-fold board to display elements of learning. 

The fair consisted of an Ancient Egyptian Marketplace, an Ancient Egyptian Food Court (with lots of good snacks), and an Ancient Egyptian Museum. The museum featured some interesting artifacts, as well as King Tut Death Masks painted by each student in Art class. The younger students and adults alike all enjoyed their time visiting the fair.

My students all worked very hard and I'm extremely proud of their efforts. The Egyptian Fair was a huge success!!

Please enjoy the slideshow below; clicking on the picture will show the next one.

Susannah Joyce