Marching into Spring

The children have had fun with our Clothing Unit and throughout the unit we have studied many different questions. At the beginning of each study the children are always asked, “What do they know?” and “What do they want to find out?”  These two questions allow us to learn about current knowledge levels as well as allowing the children to have some choice and direction over what we are going to learn. We’ve also answered many other questions such as, “ How do people make clothes?” How is cloth made?” “Where do we get our clothes?” “What special clothing do people wear for work?”

These types of questions allow us to increase vocabulary, guide inquisitive natures, and combine multiple subjects in fun learning environments. After discussing laundromats, sorting clothes, and types of soap we wrapped up this study with an experiment. I asked the children to make predictions on which type of soap would make the most suds. They were given the choice of powder, bar, and liquid. This type of prediction can be very difficult at this age as some children don’t like to risk failure. However, failure is an important part of the scientific process. The children did wonderful and we introduced the mathematical concept of tally marks for tracking our predictions.

The children had a blast pouring water and mixing soap. We ended up with two interesting findings. First when only the children stirred our result was the liquid soap had the most bubbles. However, I asked the children if they noticed anything different about the mixing of each tub. I had two children point out that the children stirred differently. This lead to a discussion of speed and its relation to the amount of bubbles. The children really enjoyed this experiment and I loved seeing how their thought processes have developed since the beginning of the year.

Along with our normal curriculum we love to throw in fun activities for the children. These WOW Experiences really help connect the children’s investigations during class time with real life by creating exciting positive memories of learning. Our most recent WOW Experience was a visit with the tooth fairy. The children learned about how to care for their teeth and how to make healthy food choices. We also sat and discussed the tooth fairy’s clothing and how we thought it would affect her job. It was a very intriguing topic for the children as they were amazed by her dress and the tools that she used with her job.

We have also begun to make trips to the Library for reading time. The children love traveling along our beautiful campus to the “white house” that contains our Library. We read many books throughout our day but it is always enjoyable to see, touch, and hear other adults also reading. Reading aloud to children is one of the highest predictors of language development and future reading success. The wonderful things is that our Library trips are so much fun that the children don’t even realize all they are learning!

Sarah White