It’s everyone’s favorite time here at St. James - Grandparents’ Day. It’s the day that we celebrate family and all that we do at St. James for the children. This day is a program day and a day to share all that the children have learned so far this year. St. James Day School is a unique environment where children are encouraged to learn at developmentally appropriate levels with differentiated learning. It’s not always about the facts -  math, english, history and science; instead we also develop honesty, integrity, compassion, consideration, and biblical knowledge. We study the arts and music alongside STEM and then we throw in a lesson on how to love your neighbor.

Our children had a wonderful couple of weeks leading up to today. They worked on learning songs and on creating some wonderful artwork showcasing the hands-on work that they have been studying all year. We had a wonderful Valentines’ party on Thursday and then the children sang their songs perfectly during our Grandparents’ Day program. It is very difficult for children to get up on stage in front of a large group of people, and all of the children handled this process perfectly. They are all such wonderful children and I would like to share with you some photos from the past few weeks that show off some of our unique learning styles. I also would like to share some of what our room looks like. Please enjoy these lovely faces and know that we are so blessed to have them in our school.

Susannah Joyce