May Flowers

April showers bring May flowers, that's how the saying goes and boy have my flowers bloomed! This end of year blog has been the hardest one for me to write. How do you say good bye to such a wonderful group of children? 

The last few weeks of school have been a wild and crazy ride. The children participated in their spring program and were absolutely amazing. There were children that wouldn't touch a microphone at the beginning of the year who now were handling their speaking parts like professionals. I think public speaking is so important and it's been great to see a school that supports exposure to public speaking at such a young age. The children sang songs about all sorts of subjects ranging from educational to Biblical. I was so proud of how loud they sang and how maturely they handled walking across the stage to receive their certificates in front of all the families that were watching. 

After the spring program was finished we began to wrap up our last study of the year, Recycling. Recycling was such an interesting study to work through with the children. I never though that they would be so excited to sort trash but they sure had a blast! Paper, Plastic, Glass, was all sorted and along the way they made so many discoveries. We discussed where items came from - soap bottles, bags of chips, tin cans from food, paper towels rolls, glass baby food jars, and so on. We counted items, compared and contrasted the types of items using our descriptive words, and even hunted for shaped like our cones, spheres, and cubes that we have studied. I was amazed at how well the children retained these concepts. 

We also learned about the impact that tossing trash outside had on the environment. We talked about what animals might think of the trash lying around in their habitats. Once the children realized the dangers of litter they became ambassadors to their families. I had several parents stop me to tell me how their little ones were implementing recycling procedures at home as well as stopping to pick up litter from outside. 

Aside from wrapping up our curriculum we had 2 major items left to finish of at the end of the month: our community service project and our fun fair. For our community service project we teamed up with the Primary I class to complete a book drive for For the Sake of One. For the Sake of One is a Christian Non-Profit that works with local foster children. We not only donated books to the group but we also worked on an art piece with a bible verse to offer encouragement to the families that come through their office. 

At St. James we believe that family is incredibly important. You know your child the best and we want to work with you to help your child receive a great educational foundation. Our end of the year Fun Fair was a great example of how our children's families work together with our teachers. Mrs. Diane, Mrs. Amanda, and myself had the pleasure of working with two wonderful room moms who helped decorate and coordinate the parents volunteers. There were games that went with each study the children learned throughout the year and our parents helped with setup, running the games, and cleaning up afterwards. The children had fun and the parents had fun, overall it was a perfect way to wrap up the school year. 

I started out this school year with all the jitters a new teacher typically has and I have ended it with a mix of sadness and joy. Life always has it's ups and downs and here at St. James we believe failure is a great way to learn. So, while I don't believe anyone but Jesus can achieve perfection I do believe this was as close to a perfect year as we could have. I can't wait to see what these children go on to accomplish next year. 


Sarah White