All Things Bright and Beautiful

The seasons are not the only things changing around here. The children are growing and learning so quickly. At the beginning of the year we worked on recognizing our names and the letters of the alphabet. Now we can not only recognize our names but we can recognize our friend's names too.  We can recognize the letters, make the phonetic sounds and are learning to write them. I have enjoyed getting to be a part of the children's journey with writing. Writing at St. James is a bit different and you won't see a lot of worksheets around our classrooms. I know for many that is a serious infraction to learning. However, our goal at this age is to expose them to letters/writing and to pique their interest, and worksheets rarely interest 3-4 yr old children. So, instead we discuss lines, curves, shapes, and colors. We write with sand, play dough, shaving cream, paint, q-tips, and paintbrushes. We go on an adventure, a journey, not a lesson. 

On that note we have recently journeyed into a new study about clothing. This study gives us an opportunity to focus on concepts and skills in literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts,and technology using items we are already familiar with in a basic way. We started off our study by discussing what clothing we wear during different types of weather. This is a great way to compare items and to develop our critical thinking skills.  The study has asked the following questions so far: 

  • What do we want to know about clothing? 
  • What do we want to find out?
  • What makes our clothing special? 
  • Who might wear this? (ballet dancer, fireman, astronaut, etc.)
  • How do we find out what size clothes or shoes we wear? 
  • What tools can we use to measure?
  • What are the features of clothing? (buttons, pockets, logos, etc.)

We have read the following books: 

  • Llama Llama Red Pajama
  • Cap for Sale
  • Uncle Nacho's Hat
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears 
  • A pocket for Corduroy
  • The Mitten

 The children are practicing public speaking by showing off their favorite items of clothing and to help prepare for the Spring Program. They are also learning songs to help them with their counting, weather concepts, general knowledge and even patriotism for the Spring Program. The Spring Program will be in May and it is hard to believe that May is so close. We really only have one study left after clothing and then the year will be over. Well, speaking of spring our spring break is here and I look forward to sharing more of the children's studies and growth when we come back. See you in a few weeks!


Sarah White