We have wrapped up our Ball study and have moved on into our Tree study. What better time to study Trees than the fall season? The leaves are changing outside and the children are putting up Christmas trees inside. So far, we have studied the following questions and have many more to go:

What do we know about trees? What do we want to find out?  

Did you see a tree on the way to school today?  

Are you bigger or smaller than this tree?  

Which of these come from a tree? What do trees need to grow?

This study is one of my favorites for many reasons and one of them is the beautiful campus that we are blessed with. Because of our location we were able to take a hike with Mr. Clint, who works for The Nature Conservatory in the Arkansas office. Mr. Clint talked to us about all the trees, moss, and plants that were on our trail. He also taught us about what happens to the woods during the winter.  


One of the other reasons why I love this unit is because we bring in a lot of math, art, and poetry to mix with the natural science. For Math, we have been working on size concepts as well as developing the concept of “Fewer vs. More”.  On the Language Arts side, the children have loved comparing/contrasting and developing new descriptive words. We have even learned a poem called “A Tree My Size” to help us with these new concepts. In Art we combined the Tree Study with our Bible study and painted an advent tree. The children are now coloring biblical ornaments to decorate our tree with.  


Christmas time is a wonderful time to be in Preschool with all the crafts and excitement. We will of course be wrapping up our year with a party and some fun food. We wish you a Merry Christmas and we will see you next year.

Katelyn Gunter