Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. Albert Camus

Fall is here and the children are filled with wonder as they watch the changing of the seasons. Change can be such a fun learning experience and it’s great when changes in nature occur at the same time we are changing studies. We are wrapping up our Balls study after almost 6 weeks of learning. Over the last two weeks the children have learned about games we play with Balls, how to make shapes out of our bodies, what kinds of animals play with balls, and what is inside a ball. We have read multiple stories like The doorbell rang, Just like Josh Gibson, and Have a Ball. We have also been studying the life cycle of a pumpkin during which we carved a jack-o-lantern and are now observing it decompose.


Life here at St. James is not all about business and class work, we also like to have fun. Last week was Halloween and of course we had an exciting celebration. The children showed off their public speaking skills by putting on a little fashion show. They also teamed up and played games like “Pin the Spider on the Web” and “Mummy Wrap”. After playing games and doing crafts we enjoyed a lovely lunch together. It was a great time to bond and form important social relationships with the other children and their families.


At this age we also spend a lot of time in our centers. Yes, we play! Play is very important for social development, gross and fine motor skills, and it also engages the student in their own learning. We build towers, count, work on patterns, tell stories, and even paint. In fact, this past week we painted the letter L as we learned a new song for our fall program, “Leaves are Falling”. Through these centers and our curriculum activities the children really have started making great connections with their letters and numbers in ways that worksheets just can’t compete with.

Katelyn Gunter