The past few weeks of school have flown by. The children have wrapped up our first 6 weeks study, The Beginning of School. This unit taught us about how we function at school. We had daily and weekly focus questions that we reviewed each day. The last three weeks of our study answered the following questions.  

  1. 1. When do things happen at school?  

  1. 2. Who works at our school?  

  1. 3. How do we make and keep friends? How can we be part of a group?  

 We answered these questions through many books like Hooray, a Pinata!,  Peeny Butter Fudge, Neighborhood Song, and The Gingerbread Man.  We wrapped up our study with a Gingerbread Man hunt across the campus. The children had to listen to clues and use deductive reasoning to figure out where the next clue was on campus. At the end of the hunt we found gingerbread men that had been left for us! It was a very exciting way for us to review the locations of classes, people, and buildings. 


The children also got to practice their public speaking skills and their listening skills during this study. They brought personal items from home and used a microphone to tell their friends about the items. We discussed descriptive words as well as our similarities and differences. The children were amazed by how many of their friends liked the same items as they themselves did. 


I would be remiss if I didn't include all the hard work we've been doing in our Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. This curriculum uses multi-sensory developmentally appropriate tools to teach writing, reading, and math skills. Now, what that all means for our little learners is that we get to play, sing, dance, and jump while learning how to write. You will not find a lot of worksheets in our classrooms, instead you will find letter tiles to help us spell our names, chalk and wet sponges, magnetic boards to practice with, and even sand to write in. During the beginning of the year we focus on informal pre-instruction readiness activities, such as, right/left discrimination, top/bottom, basic strokes, etc. We are now beginning to focus on learning our capital letters and the children are doing great!! So far, we have worked on the Letter L and they have practiced making it with magnetic pieces as well as tearing paper to glue in the shape of an L.  


All good things must come to an end eventually and September is no different. We chose to wrap up the month with a visit from a Fire Truck. Our Friendly Firemen were a great way to say goodbye to September and hello to October, National Fire Safety Month. The children listened to the firemen, looked at how they were dressed and talked about fire safety. They not only discussed Stop, Drop, and Roll but also where to go in case there was a fire at school or home. As always, the tour of the truck and listening to the sirens when leaving were huge hits. 


Katelyn Gunter