We have started our second study of the year and the theme is Balls. Some of the questions we have studied are: “What do we know about balls?” “What do we want to find out?” and “Do all balls bounce?” We have made predictions and tested them. The children love setting up experiments and seeing what the outcomes are. For example, we hypothesized if a ball would bounce or not and then set up experiments and practiced our counting skills by counting bounces and balls. This produced great in depth conversation when our basketball didn’t bounce because it wasn’t properly aired up.


This study has also allowed us to introduce new vocabulary and concepts such as sphere, circumference, and force. The children used hands on methods to learn about each term. The children searched for circles around our room and then compared them to the balls to discuss the difference between circles and spheres. For circumference they measured balls and pumpkins with strings and then compared the sizes. We even used art to learn about force by painting with balls.


One of the things that I love about St. James is the community service aspect of our school. In order to educate the whole child (mind, body, and spirit) we add some special experiences like community service. Our Pre-K 3 classes chose to support Harvest Texarkana this year. The month of September is national hunger awareness month and so we chose to run a food drive. The children learned about hunger and food scarcity and raised food to donate.


Our Pre-K 3 classes take one field trip a year to the Pumpkin Patch and this year’s trip was so exciting. The children loved seeing all the pumpkins. They listened to stories and even tried pumpkin muffins. In our classroom we have been studying the life cycle of pumpkins and the children enjoyed the opportunity to see real seeds and the inside of a pumpkin. The trip was a wonderful way to introduce fall to the students.


Katelyn Gunter