Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....are you deciduous or evergreen?

As Christmas break began to approach we completed a couple more investigations in our Tree unit. We learned how to tell the basic differences between deciduous and evergreen trees. We also investigated what kind of food comes from trees and who lives in our trees. Trees play such a big role in the lives of animals around us so we invited a friend to help us learn. Mrs. Penny Wilkerson from Texas Parks and Wildlife department visited with us and taught us about local animals that live in our forests. Having a guest speaker is so exciting for us and teaches us many lessons. In fact, some lessons the children don't even realize they are learning. We practice our manners by listening, sharing, and thanking our speaker for their time. We learn to focus by discussing on topic questions ahead of time and we practice our memory skills by remembering the questions during the lesson. I just love watching the children learn in such a hands on environment. 

Of course the Christmas season took over and we made crafts, sang songs, and finished our advent study. These may seem like fun activities but they all had a purpose in our learning environment. Our crafts allowed us to practice fine motor skills through painting and beading. Singing helps us learn new subjects in fun ways, helps build our memory, and helps us practice rhythm. 

We wrapped up these last few weeks with a Christmas Party. The party was a blast with lots of family joining us as we built snowmen, traded gifts, and even had a surprise visit from SANTA! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and we will see you after the break. 

Sarah White