Hickory Dickory Dock & The Gingerbread Man

We kicked off the past two weeks with a study into Hickory Dickory Dock. What seems like a simple nursery rhyme to us adults was really a study into phonological awareness, rhythm, and drama. We also used this rhyme to get to know and understand our school routine. Routine are very important in this age group and their inquiring minds enjoy discussing what we are doing next. We worked through our visual schedule and even took some time to plan activities together. 

The children also love getting to act out our stories and they did so using a hand puppet (Millie the mouse). We used rhythm sticks to help us explore musical concepts and expression. We also learned a lot about self regulation and managing our emotions by practice resting position. Self regulation is hard so we love to reward the children's hard work by having a king and queen of line! You can only be king and queen if you can stand silent and still in line. Keep an eye out because these kings and queen are learning to be our future leaders!

Our next study was on The Gingerbread Man. We used this book to start an investigation into who works at our school. Understanding who is around and why can go a long way in reassuring a child who is new to school. We even had a guest speaker at the end of the week.....Mrs. Tara! She brought in her cart and explained to us how she keeps the school clean. We even got to explore some math by comparing our heights to some of the tools and bags that she uses. (So much more exciting than a worksheet!)

If you can't tell by now we really love to learn through play and investigating the world around us. At this age the foundations for critical thinking and cognitive development really grow when we can engage the whole child in learning. For example - not only did we study basic math with Mrs. Tara but we also made gingerbread play dough and practiced measuring, pouring and mixing. We even spent time smelling our play dough. When all the senses are fully engaged we make memories to help us remember these concepts. 

During this week we also introduced geoboards! These boards were a huge hit! The children practiced fine motor skills while exploring spatial relationships by stretching rubber bands across pegs to make specific shapes. They loved creating their own shapes as well as the shapes we requested - circle, square, diamond, etc.

We are having an exciting time here in Primary II. 

Have a blessed day, 

Mrs. Sarah 

Sarah White