Fall is Here

There is a sense of wonder that exists as the leaves start to fall. The brisk mornings that are beginning to linger through the day bring a fleeting glimpse of the change to come. Seeing fall through a child's eyes brings a new perspective to the ever changing cycle of seasons. 

Here in Primary II we have noticed this change and are having a splendid time investigating our world. We love to run, jump, and climb everything around us. We have learned songs about fall and of course Thanksgiving. These songs are not just fun to sing but they help us remember the important details of fall. 

We are fully in the middle of our investigation of balls. We have discovered a plethora of descriptive words (and now know what that means!). New vocabulary has also been introduced, such as; sphere, force, circumference, and energy.  We have applied force to balls using three different methods - muscles, wind, and water. Yes, you saw that correctly we used water in our classroom, it does wonders for our sensory input. 

As you can see studying balls has given us some unique options when having adventures at school. However, Our most exciting adventure has been our trip to the pumpkin patch. We have studied the life cycle of a pumpkin, read books about pumpkins, and learned songs about pumpkins. After all of that work it seemed like a trip was needed. This trip was a great experience as it allowed us an opportunity to try pumpkin muffins, to touch so many kinds of pumpkins, and to explore the basics of carving a pumpkin. 

The perfect ending to October was our Halloween party today. We had a blast with a runway show, wrapping each other up like mummies, and making monsters from play dough. Shhhh.....don't tell anyone but all those fun activities actually let us develop some fundamental skills in public speaking, gross and fine motor!! It's scary how much fun we can have learning by using play. 

Children learn as they play. Most importantly in play children learn how to learn.
— O. Fred Donaldson
Sarah White