Time flies and now a new school year has begun!

We have had a blast with our beginning of school unit. For many of us this is our first experience of school, and it’s important that we know what’s going on with our day. We are learning by exploring questions about our school. 

What names do we need to know at school? 
What do we do if we are sad or scared? 
What are our rules? 

We have studied these questions through nursery rhymes, games, songs, and dances. What a way to learn! Our favorite nursery rhyme was Little Miss Muffet. We even got to take turns acting out different roles in the rhyme in front of our class!! 

Our class is full of leaders and we have had fun taking turns being leaders in our class. We have line leaders, blessing leaders, door holders, flag holders, and light controllers. These positions allow us to take responsibility of ourselves and help others in our class. We love having our own responsibilities. Did you know that we can now put up our folders, lunch boxes, and backpacks all by ourselves? 

Both fine and gross motor skills development is very important at our age and we practice these through play. Developing fine motor skills helps us learn to write. We have played with play dough, puzzles, counting bears, magnets, and so much more! We have even practiced using scissors correctly! In Coach Nicole’s PE class we’ve had a ball working on our gross motor skills development. 

Letters are oh so important and we’ve studied 2 letters so far, L and F. We’ve learned that these letters have big lines and little lines and have practiced making the lines. We have also learned that everyone has a name, and we are working on recognizing our names and our friends' names. 

Primary II is a busy class full of play and wonder where we are learning even when we are playing. From learning to regulate our emotions in home center, capturing a Cicada, and learning about insects, we are constantly in motion investigating our surroundings. Keep an eye on us; you never know what we will learn next. 

Mrs. Sarah

savannah jarratt