This week we started the second semester of school and had two new students join our class.  For everyone to get to know one another we sang a song called “Friend.” The song was written on the board with a blank space to put their name.  As each child identified their name card, they placed it on the board. The children enjoyed getting to show everyone their name and singing. Not only did the boys and girls learn each other's name, they practiced learning how to recognize everyones written name as well.  By age 3, differences in children’s understanding and use of literacy skills are enormous. When children are excited about what they are hearing and learning, they are motivated to learn to read.

We are still studying about trees, and we discussed how we could measure the trunk of a tree.  This led to teaching the children about circumference. Using yarn, we measured different tree trunks and discovered which tree had the largest and the smallest circumference.  Measuring an object with links or yarn and later measuring the same object with rods is an essential step to understanding why standard measuring tools are important for comparing measurements.  

We are glad to be back at school.

Katelyn Gunter