We are still studying the collection of clothes and how clothes come in many different patterns, shapes, and sizes.  Halloween day we dressed up in costumes and discussed the different materials everyone was wearing and how they felt.  We also had a costume/fashion show for our family. Afterward, we sang Halloween songs and had a party. The children put on a great show!


Hippity Hoppity, Hippity Hoppity, How Many?  What a fun game we played!  Being a productive member of a group involves complex interactions.  Children must gradually learn to cooperate, negotiate, lead and follow, and express their feelings and ideas in socially acceptable ways.  The game began with one child setting out five pumpkins. The boys and girls covered their eyes while he/she took some away. At the end of the chant we opened our eyes and had to say how many pumpkins were left.  The boys and girls did a great job taking turns at being the leader.


Next week we will start are new study about trees.

Katelyn Gunter