One of the focus questions we discussed in class was,  “What are rules and why are they important?” The children shared rules they followed at home, and then we decided to make our own class rules.  No running in the room, no pushing, and stay together in a line, were a few they came up with. They discovered that rules can help keep them safe.  

We also read The Gingerbread Man and discussed the many choices he made.  The boys and girls even came up with their own ideas about how he could of stayed out of trouble.  The highlight of the week was when the children made their own gingerbread man cookie. After pouring, measuring, and mixing, the gingerbread man was placed in the oven.  However, when we went to check on him, he was gone! After searching throughout the school, we finally found him back in the room ready to decorate and eat. What a yummy experience!


Gingerbread cloud dough was made by the boys and girls for our Sensory Bin.  The children took turns adding each ingredient. We discussed the importance of following a recipe in order.  We also discussed what might happen if we didn’t.


I also introduced geoboards to the class.  What a great hit! Using rubber bands we made shapes such as triangles, squares, and circles.  Geoboards are used to help develop fine motor skills, as well as understanding spatial relationships and shapes.  All of this helps build the foundation for geometry later on.


This week we started our Clothing unit.  We’re already learning about clothing and the many features different clothes have.  The boys and girls will be featured in a Halloween fashion/costume show on October 31st.  The weeks ahead will be very busy learning fun Halloween songs and poems.

Check back in a few weeks to find out about more fun Pre-K3 activities.

Ms. Amanda  

Katelyn Gunter